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Today I’m visiting Lee & Fi Henshaw at their Spanish home where they are spending the summer with their family. This couple have built a lifestyle that most people only dream about and say anyone else can do what they have done if they just ‘Put Their Mind To It’.

Let me outline exactly what they have achieved in just a few short years.

Both were working full time jobs and had a failing network marketing business when Lee came across something that would change his thinking forever. He had been following the blog of a man calling himself ‘The Worlds Laziest Networker’ and was fascinated with what he was hearing. In fact, Lee almost signed up for a course being run by this guy called Go90Grow a couple of years prior to returning to full time employment in the hope that he could save his business and not need to go back to working for a boss in a full time job. Needless to say, he didn’t but wishes he did.

In Sept 2014 Lee joined ‘The Worlds Laziest Networker’ aka Mark J in a different course called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) for a 26 week period designed to help people gain control of the most complex and most powerful piece of equipment in the universe – Their Own Mind. Learning that true success can only come when we learn to control our mind, our ‘Inner World’. He would learn that everything in the ‘Outside World’ is created in the ‘Inner World’ first.

It is this MKMMA to which Lee & Fi attribute all of their success.



Before you go thinking that it was plain sailing from that point let me stop you there. Lee joined the course but did not complete it. He made it to around week 6 before deciding it was too much work and giving in to his old ‘Blueprint’. Lee explained that a blueprint is the pattern of behaviour that we create through our habits and beliefs and then our subconscious mind runs things according to this blueprint, 100% on autopilot. It is imperative that we change our blueprint if we are to ever change our circumstances.

Lee joined the course for a second time in 2016 and this time completed the 26 weeks with a new found belief that he could achieve anything and everything he ever wanted. In fact, amazing things started to happen well before the 26 weeks were up.

So, what have they achieved and what does their life look like now?

They have a highly successful Recruitment Business with a turnover in excess of £2 million per year. They’ve helped thousands of people to become financially independent through their network marketing business. They have raised over £5 million for a local charity not to mention their personal contributions each month which they tell me is 30% of their income. As if this was not enough, Fi has realised her dream of having a Riding School for the disabled and under-priveledged.








Holly: So guys, it’s great to meet you. I can see why you wanted to do the interview here at your beautiful home in Spain. The weather is fantastic here unlike back in the UK. First off, can you tell me how the MKMMA really helped and how can someone change their circumstances just by using their mind?

Lee: Well Holly, most people spend quite a bit of time learning how to use their new mobile phone or some other form of equipment but very few people ever bother learning how to use the greatest computer ever designed – Their Mind. The MKMMA helps people to understand how to use their mind to gain anything they truly desire. To answer how someone can change their circumstances with just their mind – well, it’s like this; everything that you can see in the Outer world is created by the Inner world. So if you want to change your Outer world (circumstances) you need to change your Inner world first.

Holly: I know what you are saying but I still don’t get how you can change your circumstances just with thinking.

Lee: Let me try to put it a different way. Everything that you can see has been created twice. Once in the mind of the inventor and then again on the physical plain. We bring about what we think about. That to which we give the most energy to, grows.

Holly: Ok but I’m guessing that you can’t just sit in a room thinking all day and expect everything to magically happen for you?

Fi: Thats absolutely correct Holly. I’m glad you said that. Most people have the wrong idea about The Law of Attraction. You do have to take action to make things happen but when your mind is focused on what you want so much then things do magically happen. Things and circumstances just seem to fall in to place to help you out. It does take laser focus though, dominant thoughts about your true desire. Think about it like a magnifying glass. If you move it around nothing happens but if you hold it steady in one place and let it focus on a leaf then the leaf will start to burn.

Holly: I like that Fi. Can you tell me how things started to change for you and when?

Fi: I started to notice things changing a couple of months in to Lee starting the MKMMA. He was becoming a different person (for the better I might add) and things just started to happen that would advance our business’s and our lives.

Holly: Tell me more about the things that started to happen.

Fi: Well, I’d challenged Lee to increase our income by an extra £1,000 per month so that I could leave my full time job. Lee had left his job in August to focus on his recruitment business but we also wanted to build our MLM business back up. Suddenly, after a couple of months new customers started flowing to the recruitment business each week and soon Lee needed to employ some people and get some office premises for them to work from. It had just been him working from home until that point. Our MLM business started to gain momentum as Lee used his Go90Grow knowledge and we suddenly had more people than ever before wanted to work with us in building their own business’s. In the past we could sponsor people but we never really had people that wanted to sponsor as well. Now, it was all different.

I asked Lee what he was doing differently and he told me that it was all down to him focussing on his DMP and using the universal mind to bring circumstances and people to him that could help.

Holly: What do you mean the Universal Mind and what is a DMP?

Lee: This can be a little tricky to get your head around Holly but there is just one mind and we are all connected to it. We use our power of thought and the universal mind has no choice but to react to that thought. You see, if we focus enough, the dominating thoughts of our mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward physical action and gradually transform themselves in to physical reality.

A DMP is a Definite Major Purpose.

Holly: So what happened then?

Fi: I left my job in January 2017 and I started working with Lee on the business’s. What was fantastic was that we were not only enjoying what we were doing but we were creating a really great lifestyle too. We would walk the dogs first thing in the morning, go to the gym and then work until lunch. A couple of days each week we would go out to a really nice restaurant for a long lunch and just enjoy each others company. Other days we would eat lunch at home and then do a few more hours in the office before Elle came home from school.

Lee: When Elle came home from school we would take the dogs for walk number 2 as a family. Elle would then play out with friends and do her homework whilst Fi and I prepared the family meal. After this we would spend an hour together with phones and computers turned off. I would then go back in to the office for 1 to 2 hours to work with our partners in our MLM business.

Holly: So what happened next Lee?

Lee: It was like magic. Everything that I had written down and focussed on started to happen just as I had pictured it. In fact, no, thats not entirely true. Things were happening quicker than I had expected. All I did was really focus as I was taught in the MKMMA and stay true to that and my ‘Authentic Self’.

Holly: You must have felt fantastic?

Lee: Absolutely. In the past things might have gone wrong at this point but because of the MKMMA I knew it was all only going to get better.

Holly: How do you mean things may have gone wrong in the past?

Lee: Well, for a lot of people not just me, they start to think of the negative things that can happen when they have experienced some success. It’s to do with our old blueprint. We grow up and create a blueprint in our mind that is made up of our experiences and what the people closest to us tell us. We become carbon copies of copies of copies. So what this actually means is that we revert to type. The type of person that we have been conditioned to become. If we grow up with a Lack Mentality then our Blueprint tries to bring us back to the familiar – no money and struggling. Before you know it, things go wrong and you end up back where you started.

Holly: How did the MKMMA stop this happening this time?

Lee: We are helped to create a new Blueprint for our mind to operate with. You see, if you don’t change the Blueprint, your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that makes ALL the decisions) keeps trying to bring you back to the familiar.

Holly: Wow that makes a lot of sense. So how do you change the Blueprint?

Fi: It’s done with some very simple exercises to retrain your subconscious mind. I thought Lee was a bit mad to start with when he was reading some stuff out load everyday and sitting meditating for 15-30mins but it really works. We do have a tendency to ridicule things that are not NORMAL but for things to change we must change. Many great people were ridiculed in history but later held aloft as geniuses.

Holly: So you were now having success financially but what else happened?

Lee: That’s when we started working the recruitment business part time by employing a couple of people to manage the day to day stuff. We then focused more on building our network marketing business by helping others to build a residual income. Our goal was to help 10 people to earn at least £10,000 per month each. We knew that if we did that we would have a business that would continue to grow without us and we would have directly and indirectly helped thousands of people to own their own business with an opportunity to create true financial independence for themselves.

Holly: Wow. Thats amazing. How did you do with that goal?

Fi: We had 10 people earning over £10,000 per month by the end of 2020 and we turned that in to 20 by July 2022. This got us more exited and thats when we realised that this was what we wanted to focus on more and more. We built this business using Mark J’s Go90Grow training and we wanted to share this training with more and more people.

Holly: I’m guessing this is when you started to get involved even more with Mark J?

Lee: Yes. I spoke to Mark about somehow getting involved with Go90Grow and MKMMA in the UK. He had already been thinking about how to have Live seminars & workshops in participating countries to back up the online training. It was an ideal partnership. We got to do something that we love and felt passionate about and Mark & Davene got to spread their wisdom to thousands more people across the world.

We now have more money than we would ever need so we contribute to charity and we gain immense satisfaction from helping so many people live their ideal life.

Holly: Thats incredible. You dedicate your time to helping others achieve success when so many people in your position would just lead a privileged life of luxury. Thats why I’m here today. Surprise Surprise we would like to present you with this special award for contribution to society. For all of your work for charity fund raising and for your continued support of riding schools for the disabled and under privileged children.

Lee & Fi: Thank you so much. We are truly honoured to receive this award. We never did it for any reward other than to give back to society and to see the smiles on the faces of those that we help but we gratefully receive it and it will take pride of place in our home. It’s great to have met you too Holly.

Holly: It was great to meet you two. We also have one more thing to give to you. Here is a cheque for your riding schools for £250,000.

Lee & Fi: Wow. That’s amazing. Thank you so much Holly.



  1. Very inspiring, Lee, and great fun to read! Your vision is clear!


  2. Well done great press release


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