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Week 5 – No Opinions


opinionI guess this is one of the objectives of the course – To Feel Challenged! Again, this week has been a challenge for me. I’ve tried to not have opinions but keep catching myself out.

I didn’t realise how opinionated I was until I started recognising it this week. Seems like I have an opinion every other minute of the day. Maybe that’s to be expected as a RED?

So, for the last few weekends we’ve been decorating our house. We moved in a year ago and the house builders painted everywhere Magnolia. This was ok with us as it allowed us to move in and get settled without needing to decorate. However, the time has come and the boss (Fi) has decided that we now need to add some colour and put some personal touches on the house to make it a home.
I love the colour we’ve chosen for the hall (is this an opinion?). Doh!!

This started by me having to re-paint the living room in preparation for Fi (with the help of her dad) to paper the ‘Feature’ wall. This was followed by a similar pattern in the hallway and staircases. Good news here was that I used the painting on my service card – I ACCOMPLISHED IT. Maybe this is linked to dual thought somehow?

Anyway, there was some paper left over from the living room and Fi had mentioned that she might use it for the downstairs toilet. Fi’s dad took it upon himself to do a good deed and surprise us by papering the toilet while we were out for a reunion lunch with my brother who I haven’t spoken to for 7 years (there’s another story for a different day).

Problem was that the papering wasn’t exactly to the standard Fi would have held herself to. The pattern didn’t match up correctly, the edge wasn’t cut straight, the paper wasn’t stuck down properly in places and and accident with some scissors whilst hanging the paper put a hole in the paper.

Well, it’s safe to say that we had an opinion about this. Fi more so than me. Thank god for the course. I caught myself having an opinion and I managed to bring Fi back to earth (practically scraping her off the ceiling) and focus on the fact that her dad was trying to do a good deed. Maybe we wouldn’t have done any better ourselves!!

How could we say anything without hurting his feelings? Fi suggested we could re-paper it one day when he was out (Fi’s mum & dad live with us). We eventually agreed that we could put up a floating shelf to cover the hole in the paper and hang a picture or mirror above the shelf to distract from the pattern not matching. Problem solved!

So what else has been going on this week?

In the Master Key part 5 a couple of things stuck with me this week.

  1. At least 90% of our mental life is subconscious, so that those who fail to make use of this mental power live within very narrow limits.

    I’ve heard it said many times over the years that humans only use about 10% of their brain. Maybe this is linked? If the subconscious accounts for 90% then that leaves 10% for the conscious. If we learn to manage the 90% we can make full use of what we have and create anything we desire?

  2. The subconscious can and will solve any problem for us if we know how to direct it.

    Wow! This is huge. Learn to trust the subconscious. Give it a problem to solve and it will work on finding the answer 24/7. Is this how my DMP will be achieved? I think so. The blueprint builder says “I realise the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality”.
    I think this is the key. Keep thinking of the things you wish to manifest, hear the answer from ‘subby’ and take action.

A good week even though challenging on the opinions front. Now on to my next challenge – readingcompensation The Law of Compensation.

Until next week.



  1. Juneta says:

    Great post. I’ve decided life functions on opinion, lol, for most of us. It has been challenging.
    Juneta’s MKE Blog


  2. Hi Lee!
    What a great blog.. Yeah you are not alone, suddenly you’ll find out how often you have an opinion, and often for no reason.. so amazing that you already are able to spot it an change it, and not only do it for yourself, but your wife too.. and see.. everything worked out, a bit different than planned in your mind.
    But what would have happened if you would have not taken this class?
    And yeah the subconscious is AMAZING! Think what it can do for us, once we learn how 🙂


  3. heilmkmma says:

    Ditto here. It is mind boggling how often we offer our opinion when it is not asked for! Recognizing it is the first step. Keep up the good work.


  4. Mary Ann Hay says:

    Interesting about being a RED and opinions! They try to just slip out before I even notice and of course they are for that person’s good – Ha! Thanks for sharing your stories and creative solution to “helpfulness.”


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