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Week 3 – Routine


clockworkWell week 3 already – how time flies when you are having fun. The routine of reading, sitting etc is becoming a lot easier now although I do find the last read at night before bed a challenge. I know it is one of the most important to get done as it feeds the subconscious throughout the night but it is still the one I find a chore. I really need to sort myself out on this one. I’m thinking I should schedule everything for 9pm which is an hour before our usual bedtime rather than wait until 10pm when I’m really tired.

I must admit that I’m not thinking about or linking the colours and shapes automatically yet which I thought I would do. I’m really going to work much harder on this in the coming weeks as I believe the importance of this will make everything much easier in the future if I can nail it now. Need to make a much more conscious effort on noticing the colours and shapes and linking them back to the chores etc.

Have re-written my DMP about 3 times this week. I know it’s going to come back with more suggestions but I think I’m slowly starting to uncover what it is I really desire. I think this is huge. Most people never take the time to actually sit down and decide exactly what they want their life to look like never mind make a plan for it to happen.

I’ve found the sit both easy & challenging this week. I find it very easy to relax completely. In fact it’s all I can do to stay awake sometimes. I need to set an alarm so that I don’t spend too long sitting. The challenging part has been trying to think about NOTHING.

It is so difficult keeping your mind blank. I’ve tried to focus on seeing just white in my mind to see if that helps but the mind wonders. It’s amazing how many things pop in to your head when you are trying to keep it clear. Interested to see what other exercises Hannel has in store for us in the coming weeks.

Reading ‘The Greatest Salesman’ without the word ‘will’ has been really good. I even noticed it in my DMP and removed it immediately. I think I understand why this is a negative word. ‘WILL’ implies that we are GOING to do something. Instead we should be stating everything in the present as though it has already been achieved. This is much easier for ‘subby’ to work with.

Roll on week 4.



  1. Heather C. says:

    I still can’t “clear my mind”. So thankful that week 5 allows us to picture our future with DMPs achieved!!


  2. Great blog, I find the midday read is my challenge


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