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Week 2 – A Challenging Week?


busy-foolSo, we are into week 2 and things already seem to be hotting up a little for me in terms of how much needs to be done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there actually IS too much to do but a combination of my old blueprint telling me it’s a lot of work and the fact that I’ve been on holiday.

I really thought that being on holiday would have made things easier but it actually became a challenge. Not the readings or anything like that. The reading & sitting was actually very easy as I had time to do this at the beach or sat on the patio at our villa. What I found a challenge was missing the Sunday webinar because we were out for an evening meal with friends and then trying to catch up.

I had promised my business partner that we could do some work on the Monday so I didn’t get the chance to watch the webinar replay until Tuesday. This made me feel like I was way behind where I needed to be. My advise to anyone reading this who may become an MKMME student in the future is to not miss a Sunday night webby. These set you up for the week on the right path.

My other piece of advice to any future students is to not let yourself get sucked in to the old blueprint and start thinking that there is lots of work to do. I probably only realise this because of my earlier attempt in 2014. Just give it your best shot and don’t beat yourself up. If you miss a couple of reads just make sure that you acknowledge it and then attempt to do better.

Anyway, having now caught up (Thursday) I’m happy to say that I’ve forwarded my reviewed DMP to my guide and await some feedback. I’m not sure – actually scrub that – I’m positive that I will need to re-write it, as it still doesn’t stir enough emotion when I read it. I realised this afternoon after submitting it. This is a Work In Progress so I trust that it will just come right over the next couple of weeks if I keep working on it and trust my subconscious. I must remember to put as much emotion in to it as possible.

I love the idea this week of using the index cards to trick the subconscious mind in to accepting that we always keep our promises and accomplish any task. “I Always Keep My Promises – Lee Henshaw”. We are not tricking it as such but training it that we do what we say we will do with small tasks. Because the subconscious cannot tell the difference in scale between small and large tasks it just accepts that we always accomplish our tasks. AMAZING!


Who would have thought that something as simple as index cards could be so powerful?

I’ve tried all sorts of different task & To Do apps and organisers in the past (I’m a bit of a gadget geek) when working in the corporate world but none of them actually have the power of this piece of card and help you achieve more. Hey Mark & Davene, maybe you should market this??

I’m loving the Master Key Lesson 2 this week. Hannel talks about the subconscious mind running all of our basic functions like walking, raising an arm at will. The subconscious does everything effortlessly like; breathing, pumping blood around our body, repairing the body and retrieving information from our memory when required.

Does this mean that our subconscious is basically a super-computer running several programmes in background services?

If so, all we have to do to change things is give it a new programme to run. This can be an additional programme or it can be a re-write of an old programme.

We have to be careful here though to make sure that the programmer or as Hannel calls it “The Watchman at the Gate” writes good code. Ask any software developer and they will tell you that 2 programmers writing the same application will never write it exactly the same way. One way will be very efficiently coded and will run smoothly and the other my have bugs or just be more resource hungry on the memory.

Of course, what I’m referring to in the previous paragraph is our Conscious Mind. This is “The Watchman at the Gate”. This is the thing that we have control over and must be aware of what it feeds our Subconscious Mind. You see, the subconscious like a computer will just take instructions and perform tasks. It does not discriminate or question the programmer. There is also another danger here. It is not only the programmer (Conscious Mind) that is giving instructions. Our Subconscious Mind also hears lots of noise from the outside world if ‘The Watchman at the Gate” is not on guard.

And this is also the MAGIC. We can change ANYTHING we wish by changing the programme. By doing the exercises in this Mastermind Alliance we learn to train our subconscious to do the tasks necessary to achieve our DMP (Definite Major Purpose). We don’t even need to give it instructions. If we attach enough emotion to our desire then the subconscious which is connected to the Universal Mind will find the right resources required to achieve its objective. This does not mean we can simply think of what we want and wait for it to show up. We still have to take action! We just don’t necessarily need to know what actions to take when we decide what we want to achieve. Decide what we want and the way will be found!

I must admit that I do struggle a little with my old blueprint telling me I feel stupid when reading things out loud i.e., my new Blueprint Builder, DMP or “Do It Now’ but as Mark said on the webinar you just have to get over it as this is really powerful when it comes to ‘Subby’. It acts upon the spoken word better then thoughts. Still some cement to be chipped off I guess!

So that’s it for another week. Looking forward to the changes to come over the next 24 weeks.



  1. Heather C. says:

    Just reading this now (Week 5) and I love it! I still get behind on a few things. Lunchtime is very hard for me to scoot away from my desk and read aloud my cards and DMP for the second time of the day, but I try to do it when I get into the car before driving home or right when I walk through the door.


  2. Keep up the good work😊


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