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Week 1 – Second Time Around part 2


I’ve been fascinated this week about the ‘Universal Mind’. The world within is where we create the world without.

What does this mean? I struggled a little with this at first but then thought about how everything we can see was first created in someones mind. If you are reading this from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone then each of these things was first created in someones mind before they were ever created in the world without.

I guess that is the power of correct thinking and the world within.

Universal mind still left me a little confused until I had read Hannel’s first lesson a few times. I then likened universal mind to electricity. Hannel talks about universal mind being like a static energy or potential energy. This potential energy can only be manifested through the individual with their ability to think. Thought turns the static energy into dynamic energy. Both useless on their own but very powerful when combined.

So, I thought about the universal mind being like electricity. By itself it is nothing, it has no power and can do nothing. The same goes for a kettle. Without electricity the kettle has no power and can do nothing other than be a vessel to hold water.

Connect the two and see the magic happen. The kettle uses the electricity that an element that in turn heats the water. Like the universal mind & thought they have combined to create a reaction in the world without.

A great first week and looking forward to developing this further in week 2.


1 Comment

  1. Nice that Hanal’s explanations actually helped you understand it better.
    Looking forward to be following your journey 🙂


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