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Week 1 – Second Time Around part 1

As the title suggests, I’ve been here before with the MKMMA. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick it last time and didn’t complete the 26 weeks. I’ve been waiting for the chance to put that right and finally here I am.

Although I only made it to around week 7 last time out, I applied what I did learn and I’m pretty convinced that it helped me achieve so much more than I would have done otherwise. I now live in a brand new house, on the exact estate, in the exact village which I detailed in my DMP. I gave up my full time job last month to work from home and focus on my businesses too which was also my dream.

So, the journey begins and I really feel like I have a much better understanding this time of how important the mind and the world within is to our success.


The first day has seemed like I haven’t done much other than MKMMA stuff. My fault for not realising that I could have done some preparation by logging in to the dashboard on Saturday. Anyway, I’m all set now and followed the instructions re: reading the first scroll from ‘The Greatest Salesman”, reading my Blueprint Builder out loud, readingĀ part oneĀ in “The Master Keys” and sitting for 15 minutes.

The sit was pretty challenging. It’s amazing how easy it is for your mind to wander and get distracted. The trick is to bring it back as soon as you realise and focus on the objective.

Forget the itch! Amazing how when you don’t want something it appears. Try to not think of a pink elephant – pretty impossible, even if it’s just for a split second to not get a picture of a pink elephant in your mind. The same goes for the itch. You have to ignore it and take control of your mind.

I guess this goes to show how powerful the mind really is but also how fragile it can be if we don’t learn to control it. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference from reality and something imagined so we need to be mindful of what we feed it. We need to make sure that we focus on what we do want and not on things we don’t want as the mind cannot distinguish between the two.

I’ll update my blog with a part 2 later this week when I’ve spent some more time with the scroll and master key lesson.

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